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4TH Space Guidelines
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:04:15 PM »
Welcome to The Fourth District’s (4TH) space, Constellation Q-6LG1 in Providence.  The Fourth District operates as part of the larger Providence Holder Coalition, headed by the venerable Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA).  As such, anyone operating in 4TH space is expected to adhere to the same guidelines as if they were in CVA space.

Greater Providence is open for transit, commerce, faction bounty hunting and asteroid mining to all pilots, corporations, and alliances who obey the law
Everyone has equal access to most of the resources of 4TH space.  All the resources available in 4TH space, aside from Moons and Planets, are “first come, first served.”  Be polite to those you encounter, you will likely fly alongside them in PvP one day.

If attacked, lawful pilots, corporations and alliances may defend themselves to the fullest extent of their ability
If you are fired upon, shoot back!

After the fighting is done, report it to 4TH’s diplomatic team.  The diplomatic team can help smooth things over with other Holder alliances, help get new hostiles added to the KOS list, etc.

Also, in local (if there are friendlies there) or intel channels, state your location, hostiles name, & shiptype.
For example in intel: Engaged 3KB-J0 3 Belt I, EvilRed, Manticore

No pilot, corporation or alliance shall conduct piracy
No pilot, corporation or alliance shall extort, blackmail or give ransoms
No pilot, corporation or alliance shall defraud or swindle to obtain ISK, an object, rights or anything of value belonging to another

We are not pirates, criminals, or con artist.  Those operating as such in 4TH space, should be reported in 4THCOM, intel channels and a mail sent to 4TH’s diplomatic team.

No pilot, corporation or alliance shall initiate an attack against another unless that pilot, corporation or alliance is expressly wanted on the Deliverance KOS List
CONCORD sanctioned wars shall not release a pilot, corporation or alliance from adherence to the law

The Providence Holder Coalition is unique among the null security space empires and operates on a Not Red Don’t Shoot (NRDS) policy.  Those operating in Providence are expected to adhere to the same KOS list as the Holders and maintained by CVA.  Link

If you are in a CONCORD sanctioned war, notify 4TH's diplomatic team.  If you engage a war target in Coalition space and they were neutral to the rest of the Coalition and report it, your corporation will be held accountable for firing on neutrals.  Prior notification of the war will enable us to have the organization added to the KOS list.

No pilot, corporation or alliance shall use macro or macro-type aides which are forbidden under the EULA


No pilot, corporation or alliance shall anchor a station or outpost without the express permission of the constellation's Administrator

4TH operates Moon Renting and Planetary Access programs for our allies.  Contact Trony for details.

Corporations shall be held accountable for the actions of their pilots and Alliances shall be held accountable for the actions of their corporations

Take care of each other and help one and other stay out of trouble.  If any member of a corporation violates these guidelines, it reflects upon that corporation and the corporation will be held responsible.  This may include standings adjustments or loss of ally privileges.

The High Magistrate shall mediate all challenges and disputes and his/her ruling in such matters shall be final and conclusive

In 4TH space, the Alliance Executor, followed by the 4TH’s CEOs and Directors are the ultimate authority and arbitrator of issues and concerns.

Additional Rules
6 Sept 2012 - Capital Ships are not to be used for NPC hunting (Ratting) in 4TH space.  There are several reasons for this, chiefly Capital Ships attract unwanted hostiles (to include spies).  Combat Capital Ships should only be in use during pre-planned & coordinated operations.  Orcas and Rorquals should spend the majority of their active time at an alliance or corporation tower.  Freighters and Jump Freighters should only be moved between systems (if necessary) with good intelligence on the surrounding systems status.

Please start a new thread in the Diplomatic Attache for any questions you may have.
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